About Us

One day B and Jane had a conversation about the dozens of unread books on our bookshelves. Despite loving reading (and one of us having a literature degree) we weren't particularly motiviated to read them.

This blog started as mutual-pressure motivation. We set it up so we would have to write reviews on all the books we read.

Then we decided we should be able to write about other things, too - music, fashion, food, anything. This was obviously going to take up a lot of time, all in all, thus the nick name for the whole mess 'Project Time Suck'. But that didn't have the pretentious literary overtones we were wanting to convey, so we found an Oscar Wilde quote to fancy things up a little.

Time passes and we still haven't read all the books on our shelves but we have read many others and even writen some reviews. We've also written a bit about travel, ponderances and living in Brisbane, Queensand.

Welcome to Style From the Suburban Intellect, aka. Project Time Suck. Share and enjoy!
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