Friday, 7 June 2013

Five for Friday

Women in Clothes. You can participate.

UK high street chain River Island have opened an online store for Australian customers. To celebrate, they have free shipping on all orders over 20GBP until this Sunday 9 June. 

Bluer Denim: A kickstarter project that aims to recycle your old denim jeans. Not sure if they post to Australia but if they do, I'm keen, this is a great social and retail project. 

Women's fits and styles. Image courtesy of The Bluer Denim Project.

Gorman have collaborated with a bundle of Australian artists to make incredible 'adventure' sneakers

Rachel Castle's adventure sneakers. Image courtesy of Gorman. 

Run Pee - the ap that tells you when in a movie to run for the toilets so you won't miss too much. 

This is one for all my pregnant friends out there - and there are A LOT of you! This website will tell you how popular your chosen name has been since the1880s. Also a bundle of other info.

This will surprise no-one but my name doesn't even have a ranking. It has not ranked on any countries' top 1000 names since The Dawn of Time. 

So it would be a great name if any of your were having girls. Just sayin'.

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