Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Today is World Nutella Day

You had no idea there was such a thing, did you? 

Really though, if you’re going to celebrate a product, why not Nutella? Nutella is delicious. I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t like Nutella. And if you do indeed not like Nutella, I don’t want to know you. Go away. 

Nutella almost deserves a Day for its international popularity. A staple of breakfasts all over Continental Europe, it is as popular if not as ubiquitous in America and Australia. The product was developed by Italian chocolatier Ferrero in 1944 but released onto the market as ‘Nutella’ in 1963. Not unsurprisingly, it was instantly popular. For me, Nutella is so reminiscent of Europe. Going on family holidays in Europe, I got so excited by the little packet of Nutella sitting by my plate every morning. Who am I kidding, I get pretty excited about that now.

Nutella Marshmallow French Toast. Image courtesy of Go Cook Yourself.
Nutella crepes. Image courtesy of Real Mom Kitchen.

In the 1990s and early 2000s, Nutella pretended to be healthy. The goodness of milk and nuts, the energy-beneficial chocolate, all of that toss. With ads full of happy smiling kids, you had to believe it. Let’s be honest though, it’s not healthy. Not even vaguely. But no one cares. Except for the people who sued Nutella for incorrect advertising. It is delicious, glorious, nutty chocolaty spread goodness and I can’t keep it in the house because I Will Eat It.

Nowadays adverts tap into the morning ritual or Nutella as delicious everyday indulgence. Or this great one from 1996 that is artisan and family and breakfast all rolled into one 

Nutella is delicious in any pastry or sweet like situation. In cakes, on toast, on crepes, in cookies, on ice cream, on bananas, surrounding strawberries, on danishes, in croissants. The way I usually eat it? Out of the jar. Using a tiny, tiny spoon because then I can ‘eat’ more without actually consuming more. Yes, I have a method for eating Nutella out of the jar. So judge me.

Just one of the dozens of Nutella recipes you can find online. So do yourself a favour and look through some of the recipes below and when you're nice and drooling, pop to the shops, buy yourself a jar and celebrate this wonderful breakfast spread.

My favourite food blog, Smitten Kitchen have a list of Nutella-inspired recipes.

Joy the Baker also has a selection of recipes.

The best Nutella crepe recipe (apparently).

Nutella fudge brownies.

2-minute Nutella mug cake.

Mango and Nutella crepes. Image courtesy of Closet Cooking.


  1. I should not have read this post just as I'm starting the working day :p. I did love those cookies you made! I found this Nutella Popsicle recipe the other day, which I want to try: http://www.kidspot.com.au/best-recipes/After-school-snacks+86/Nutella-popsicles-recipe+4611.htm

    1. Reading before work was definitely a mistake! Those cookies were amazing. I should make them again but I suspect they wouldn't last more than 2 days in the house.

  2. I've made those cookies! I brought them to a work party and my boss described them as the most delicious chocolate chip cookies ever. They are a lot of work, but worth it.

    We ate so much nutella when we were in Italy that I actually got sick of it. It's almost inconceivable!

    1. They were a lot of work, but as you say - so worth it! And I suppose one good thing about them is you don't gorge on them. You cannot have more than one at a time because it is just Too Much Sugar!

  3. I can't even have Nutella in the house because I just eat it immediately by the spoonful. It would disappear before I could re-create any of these recipes. Rachel x

    1. By the spoonful is absolutely my favourite way to eat nutella. On bread is nice but there is something so sneaky about eating it by the spoonful that makes it more fun!


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