Wednesday, 17 October 2012

The upside of moving

You know who likes moving house? People who relish the opportunity to be Super Organised, that’s who. And those of us lucky to move into their newly bought / dream home. Those are the only people who like moving. For everyone else it would be a tough decision as to which is more unpleasant; moving or going to the dentist every morning for a week.

However, I have just discovered an upside to moving.

Having lived on the western side of my hometown Brisbane for my entire life, this week I moved to the northside. I have gone from knowing every street, the best delis and bottle shops and which supermarkets are open ‘til 10 to not even knowing where to find the nearest petrol station.

So – what is the benefit? I get to be an explorer! I get to find out all about this new part of the city that is apparently a bit hip and happening. I get to discover new favourite restaurants and cafes and bakeries. Once I have recovered from the pain of moving and can see my floor again, I get to discover! Hurrah!

If anyone has suggestions for northside dining locations or is keen to try some out with me, please let me know.

On my list so far:
  • Simply Duo – French/Vietnamese fusion
  • Dandelion and Driftwood
  • Stockholm Syndrome
  • Hosokawa
  • Willow and Spoon
  • Elixir Coffee
  • Brewbakers
  • The Junk Bar
  • C Word Bagels and Coffee

Fellow explorers welcome!


  1. So true about people who live moving. I am obsessive about organization and I love to move. Have fun exploring your new neighborhood.

  2. I've got so many good suggestions from people for where to go. Should be great!


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