Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Paris RTW Spring 2013: wrap-up no.1

Paris Fashion Week is the fourth and final of the big 4 fashion weeks. So I will soon stop pretending to be a fashion blogger and get back to what I know: Brisbane and books.

Paris fashion week is HUGE.  It runs for 8 days with maybe 10 shows a day. I always find it interesting just how many London-based designers show in Paris. The cities have very different fashion vibes very different perceptions as locations to show. What Paris is known for in the fashion world is classic styling, impeccable craftsmanship and prestige; London is modern, daring and off-kilter. 

The big names in Paris fashion week are the names anyone would associate with fashion the world over. Christian Dior, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Valentino, Jean Paul Gaultier, Saint Laurent. 

I am not a fashion blogger so I am leaving it to the pros at Vogue UK, Vogue Australia, Style and the City, The Cut and The Satorialist for street style and Harpers Bazaar. One curiosity that I noticed was the prevalence of midriffs and black. Black is classic, always in style, just as good tailoring is always in style. Both of them so French and so chic.

Now I'll be quiet and post some photos.



 One of my perennial favourites: Balenciaga. Images courtesy of Style.com.

Impressive and ultimately stunning workmanship at Balmain. Images courtesy of Style.com.

 Nina Ricci was awash with takes on classic styling. Images courtesy of Style.com.

But wait, there's more...

Loved just about every look at Lanvin. Images courtesy of Style.com.

 Cutouts, natural forrest colours and lace Carven. Images courtesy of Style.com.

A small but beautiful collection from Vionnet, one of the oldest and longest-running French fashion houses. Images courtesy of Style.com.

Fun geometrics and bright colours at IsseyMiyake. Images courtesy of Style.com.

One of the biggest players in a big week: Christian Dior. Images courtesy of Style.com.

This is only a tiny selection of three days’ worth of fashion shows! 


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