Monday, 15 October 2012

The Pork Cork and Fork Festival

It was called the Pork, Cork and Fork festival. That was reason enough for me to go, and reason enough for a few of my friends to tag along with me. How could one resist such a title? Particularly when the words 'Tiki Bar' are thoughtfully broadcast across the publicity posters as well.

Over last Friday and Saturday 12/13 October, a restaurant bar called Alfred and Constance held a sort of warm-up pre-opening event; the Pork Cork and Fork festival. The restaurant is opening in late October, but they're warming up and educating their potential clientele with some tasters of what the joint will be like. The restaurant is being constructed in two old Queenslanders (on the corner of Alfred and Constance Streets in the Valley, go figure) and is promising to be a relaxed 'come with friends and stay a while' sort of place.

That was certainly the vibe of the 'Festival'. Held on a grass patch opposite the restaurant, next to a car park, it had a blissful  young-garden-party atmosphere with tents, benches, a Tiki bar and coloured lights. It was enchantingly kitsch and very laid back. People were just there to hang out and have a good time. Aside from a couple of drunken fools treating it like a dodgy beer garden, the atmosphere was convivial and low key. The drinks were tasty, the pork sandwiches cold but flavourful and the DJ played a great mix of mostly 80s tracks that had us gently swaying where we stood.

 The chef may be blurry but the pork is in focus.

Pork sandwich and jar formerly containing luscious passionfruit flavoured beverage. The desserts were all delicious too, but there are no photos of them because they got demolished too quickly. 
I did, as you see, take some photos. They aren't my best, I am quite prepared to admit, but I was there to enjoy an evening out with my friends. Plus, there seemed to be at least 4 pro-am photographers hanging around that evening, so if you wanted to see some good photos I am sure some will be popping up on newsletters coming to your inbox soon.

 I don't know how people got leis.
We appreciated the DJ, even if we didn't dance.

I really enjoyed the vibe of the evening, as did my fabulous friends. If Saturday night was anything to go by, I can't wait to give the proper Alfred and Constance a try when it opens. Good food, good drink and a nice place to chill out and spend some time sounds like my idea of a nice night out in the Valley.


  1. It was fun. We'll have to go there one Sunday afternoon when it opens properly.


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