Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Exciting ASOS news for the Aussie shopper

This might get some of my internet-shopping-addict friends excited. ASOS is soon to release two  Australia-first collections; a beach collection and a salon collection.

It appears Australians drop a ton of money on ASOS. So to thank us as a nation for our monetary commitment and because we have opposite seasons to the ones being spruiked by the main UK site, Australia is getting a preview collection, available to Aussie customers before anyone else in the world.

The collections are out 8 of October, but you can get a sneak peak online and also register for the first notifications.  

I don’t normally buy through ASOS, though I have been tempted in the past. One or two of the items in this Australia-first collection might make me change my mind. 

I want those earrings!

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