Thursday, 28 June 2012

The walk of shame

I spotted this photo on Modern Hepburn and it instantly made me think of walks of shame. Though it is a beautiful photo, to me it is kind of a walk-of-sham nightmare. Waking up somewhere and either having to bolt as quickly as possible or else having lost your clothes into the night and so wrapping a sheet around yourself and going out into the world before too many people can wake up and see you.

We’ve all done a walk of shame or two, correct? If you haven’t, you’ve missed out. As far as I am concerned, the walk of shame isn’t shameful at all. In my experience, it is the final step in a spectacular night out. 
The best walks of shame happen when you are traveling. Some of my more memorable ones include;
  1. Catching the train home at 11am in Paris after a late-night assignation.
  2. Wending my way back to accommodation at 5am in Berlin with my bestie and an awesome new friend after a night of drinking and dancing.
  3. Going home from the one New Years I spent in London on the tube, surrounded by fellow walkers-of-shame.
  4. Avoiding the walk of shame by moving my stuff into a guy’s place at 3am.  
  5. Bolting out of a house by the back stairs to avoid the person coming up the front stairs. 
Have you had memorable walks of shame?

Check out a similar story over at Adventures in Colour, by a close friend and fellow traveller.

If you like a good laugh and don't mind sharing a few secret, please comment with your own 'walks of shame. 


  1. My equivalent of a walk of shame: I went to a Jesuit college with sex-segregated dorms. Visitors to opposite-sex dorms had to leave their student IDs with a dorm monitor in the lobby. If you weren't out of the dorms by midnight, your ID was confiscated and you had to go to the public safety office to get it back the next morning. I was so embarrassed the first time that happened, until the guard pulled out a huge stack of confiscated IDS to shift through until he found mine.

    1. That is absolutely horrifying! Like you, I would have been mortified the first time that happened. I once dated a guy who lived in a set of flats with a security guard. People of the opposite sex were only supposed to be in rooms for 10 minutes max. and certainly not after midnight. I was not the only person I saw sneaking out in the morning when the security guard went for coffee.


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