Tuesday, 19 June 2012

The Tivoli is up for sale!

Anyone got the capital? I'd be up for making a move from IT to the music industry...

Pic from NovaFM.
Ah, the Tiv. Unassuming on the outside, full of memories on the inside. Well, for me, anyway. There's something about the weird decor, shabby carpets, and sweaty people that just makes me all fond and nostalgic. It must be all the awesome bands I saw there, you know, before they got too big to fit in such an intimate venue.

And aside from my personal history, the place has a huge music history of it's own. If you've ever been, I hope you've checked the framed gig posters decorating the bar areas; they're a record of all the fantastic music the place has seen. Now it's up for sale, and while the owner says it'll probably stay a venue, you never know...

From my personal collection of ticket stubs, here are some Tivoli highlights:

Smashing Pumpkins, 2010. Seeing the Smashing Pumpkins in a venue like this was a lifelong dream for me (yes, the tattoo commemorates it, shut up) but aside from that, it was a great gig, great sound, great setlist. Billy Corgan's a bit weird these days, but I don't even care.
The Black Keys, 2008. Their sound is so dense that I've always been astounded that this band is two skinny white guys, and the Tiv was always a fantastic venue to see them in. I've seen them more than once - 2005? 2006? 2010? - can't remember exactly when. But it was super every time.
Henry Rollins, 2008. This was my first experience of Uncle Henry's spoken word, and let me tell you, I was hooked. The dude talked for almost 3 hours, and my attention did not wander once.
Alexisonfire, 2010. Nothing like standing on the balcony at the Tiv and watching the mosh pit go completely nuts below you.
Tegan and Sara, 2007. It's good to see a mellow one every so often. And these ladies put on an excellent, laid-back show. From memory they covered Rihanna's Umbrella, too, which was pretty rad.
Ben Folds Five, 2007(ish?)This kid plays a mean piano, and loves directing huge crowd singalongs. He got hilariously megalomaniacal about controlling the crowd, and also played all the favourites. 
Cobra Starship, 2010. They're a guilty pleasure, but man, they put on a fantastic live show.

Anyway, fingers crossed that whoever buys the Tivoli keeps it a venue. Brisvegas doesn't have enough awesome venues to lose one as important as this one. On a more personal note, I will be extremely disappointed that I don't get to go there again. I'll miss that balcony.

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