Thursday, 7 June 2012

mmMule – a new way to get a spatzlehobel

Get anything you want from anywhere in the world by rewarding a traveller for delivering it. 

That’s the mmMule tagline. 

mmMule is a social network for travellers, connecting locals with people in interesting locations who are able to lay their hands on something you want. 

As someone with a weakness for certain hard-to-get international goodies, you can send out a request for the item on mmMule and if you’re lucky, a traveller will see you cry for help and get it for you and send it. In return you will firstly pay for postage and secondly, promise some sort of reward. Say, three drinks in your favourite home-town bar when they come your way.

Alternatively, you can act as the deliverer. You can look through the requests, follow them up and get your rewards. As an extra bonus, you’ve hopefully met a cool new person who, like you, loves to travel and can be a contact in a new international location!

You can also be an Angel Mule and deliver goods to communities in need and deliver items such as cameras or stationary. This is open to both individuals and organisations 

Isn’t that a great idea?

I wonder if there is anyone needing something from Brisbane?

My international list would go something like:
  1. Kartoffelpuffer.
  2. Champagne from champagne.
  3. Carpet from Morocco.

1 comment:

  1. Wish I'd read about this last week, as there was a pair of shoes I really wanted from Ireland but they would only deliver to Ireland and the UK. Nontheless, found another pair and got them delivered from the UK for my sister's wedding.


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