Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Creative short courses at QUT

QUT have just begun a program of creative short courses open to any member of the public. Just like how anyone can go along to a course at the Queensland Writers Centre and learn more about the written word (I went to one a couple of months ago and it was excellent) so you sign up for a one day intensive course in the most fantastical topics.  

Courses on offer this year include directing a musical, furniture design and making, Photoshop masterclass and a short history of modern art.  

I think it’s really exciting that we can access this sort of high-quality, taught by professionals short courses for those among us who suspect they have a bit of creativity in their bones and would like to explore it.

I’m going to be keeping my eye on the offerings to see when something that really grabs my fancy becomes available. If QUT wanted any suggestions: fashion drawing for beginners and shoe making. Put those courses on and I am There!


  1. Looks good...only I need a beginners Photoshop course, not one where you already have knowledge - damn!

  2. You should try The Edge at Southbank, they often have beginners courses in different programs.


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