Sunday, 22 July 2012

I’m an Ikea line!

For anyone who reads this blog and knows me personally, this is old news.

However, a few weekends ago on our way down to Bangalow, Chuck and I stopped off at Ikea to buy exciting stuff like a new bin and there I was!


I have to say I rather like the designs of the ‘Birgit’ range of soft furnishings. Ikea soft furnishings always have girls’ names as part of their naming conventions.

I love Scandinavian design and imagery – away from Ikea – so I was pleased to see ‘Birgit’ had such a solid, traditional look.

Most exciting of all, I actually bought a piece of the Birgit range! Just a cushion, but that’s enough for me. 

 There I am. My Birgit cushion.

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