Wednesday, 4 July 2012

The website history game

This is going to sound weird but as you would all know, your browser saves your web history. And a scurrilous thing it is too. I don’t need to see just how often I look at trashy celebrity fashion websites.

That aside, I have recently developed a new habit utilising that dastardly search history. Into the address bar I type one letter – a random letter of the alphabet – and see what websites pop up from my history. So I choose ‘D’ and the first two options are a couple of tumblrs. I choose ‘C’ and it’s A Cup of Jo, a blog I look at all the time. ‘X’ of course brings up XKCD.

Comic courtesy of XKCD. If you don't read it you're missing out on very important pop culture.

It also varies on whether I’m at home or work. My home computer has so many more options; 'E' is for Entwined Happiness, 'R' is for Fuck Yeah, Parks and Recreation, and 'V' brings up a plethora of websites with the word 'Vintage' in the title; Posh Girl Vintage, Heartbreaker Fashion and then Vogue.

Sounds like a weird habit, doesn’t it? Bet you’re going to try it now though, just to see what your computer remembers about you.


  1. Thanks for the shout out hon! Internet is back up at home, so it might be time for a blog post ;)

  2. You're welcome! Thank you for looking and finding the mention! I shall look forward to the new blog posts.


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