Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Texts From Last Night

What's your favourite TV show? Supernatural? Doctor Who? Are you a Star Trek fan?

The reason I'm asking is that, chances are, some enterprising fans have already started mashing up your favourite show with Texts From Last Night.

For background, in case you didn't know, Texts From Last Night is a site where people can post their or their friends' drunken text messages. Yes, a lot of them seem too hilarious to be real, but it's the internet, the object is entertainment, not veracity. (Some of it's a bit Not Safe For Work, too, so don't let it get you fired.)

So, what your friends on the internet do is match pictures from your favourite show up with texts from the website, often with fairly hilarious (and sometimes very subtext-y) results.
Ahh, the internet. So many blogs, so little time...

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