Monday, 6 June 2011

Why you should buy vintage and second hand - pt. 1

Today I started a new job. It was my first corporate job in 3 years to Ever. I spent a whole weekend for shopping for acceptable work clothes. My last 2 jobs were in a coffee shop and a delightfully relaxed arts organisation, so it's been jeans and t-shirts for 3 years. So I went out and bought pants, knits shirts - new and from some of my favourite op shops - but that's probably going to feature in a later blog blurb.

What I want to rave about right now, reason to buy vintage no. 1. is quality bargains.

Last night I decided what I was going to wear to day 1 of new job and I put it out. I was that excited / prepared. Very day 1 grade 8 it was. I had a new navy (love navy!) CUE dress and old vintage heels. I love my new dress but I love these shoes so much more.

They're Bally - a luxury leather goods brand founded in the 1850's in Switzerland and still among the highest-quality leather goods brands you can buy in the world. I bought them in a London vintage shop for £25. More than I've spent on most of my op-shop / vintage purchases.

They're navy (love navy!) 100% leather made in Italy and everything about them is high-quality, designed, thought-out, made to last. You can tell, when you put them on that they are beautifully made shoes. It's not just about how they look - and they look stunning. Or the details, such as the snake skin feature on the heels where no one can really see it. What sells it for me is that after 9 hours in them, getting up and down, many flights of stairs and walking to the coffee shop, they still felt great. No blisters, no aching feet like I would get during a drunken night out. I am a big heels person but I've spent the last 4 years of my life in flats. I was really worried about how I'd do in heels this first day because I didn't think it would be a good first impression to change my shoes half way through they day.

But my beautiful, quality Bally shoes were the best choice. I just wish I could duplicate them and have an ever-lasting pair.

My vintage Bally heels. Because I sure as hell can't afford a new pair.

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