Monday, 28 November 2011

The fashion show, the magazines and the indecision

Tomorrow night is the opening night of the QUT Fashion Graduate Fashion Show, and I'm going to be in the audience. Not because I'm special, just because I bought a ticket. I've been wanting to attend the annual QUT Fashion Show for years – every since I was a student there myself, um, a short time ago... But like Mercedes Benz fashion week, every year it rolls around and every year I fail to appear. This time I was prepared and I even persuaded Kiki to go with me.

So the first challenge is over and now the real and much more difficult challenge needs to be faced – what to wear?!?

You see, despite a long time addiction to Vogue magazine and a deep, dark desire to work in the fashion industry I am not particularly fashionable. On a good day I like to think that I have a certain style that suits my personality, and in general I am happy with my wardrobe of boring basics, 50s/60s vintage and gifted jewellery. It is not, however, a very fashionable wardrobe and sitting down on the weekend to plan an outfit, I was stumped.

I'm not so much this, more as...

this. If anyone was still needing to get me a Christmas gift.

Searching for inspiration I got out my most recent Vogue – October, UK – but is was full of coats and 'shag' and 'fetish-light' and other 6-month-ahead forecasts. March Vogue was at least in the right season, if just as depressing. I have no jewelled tones, no neon accessories; no gypsy-theme and certainly no thigh-high opulence. Deep down I knew it didn't matter what I wore but I didn't want to look too shamefully out of pace either.

So what does the nonfashionista do when facing a fashionable event and neither the time nor the money to shop 'fashion'? They turn instead to the wisdom of Sarah Turnbull in Almost French. When faced with a similar situation at Paris Fashion week, Sarah struggled to compose her own most 'fashionable' out fit, only to learn that when push comes to shove the most acceptable option is also the simplest: just wear black.

So tomorrow night I will not be fashionable. I will be classic and classy in a black CUE cocktail dress. Photos to come...

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