Friday, 20 April 2012

Five for Friday no. 15

So have we all heard of Ridiculously Photogenic Guy? No. Now you have. He's the latest internet sensation, and no surprise - he's good to look at!

Ok, additional explanation: he was snapped during a 10km run in his home town somewhere in the US. A photo was taken of him and within 24 hours it was EVERYWHERE. Now, if you've ever done sporty activities or more especially, if you've ever been photographed while you are doing those sporty activities, you will no that it is impossible to look good. No one does. You're usually red and sweaty and pulling a really unfortunate face. But RPG looks, well, ridiculously photogenic, and happy and it's ridiculous!

So here's the news report.

Here is a tumblr gif set of him being interviewed on Good Morning America (I think).

And here is his meme list.

Interactive Pasta sauce suggestions - so cute! So interactive!

Lego street art around the world.

How to eat dinner - an etiquette guide. I am falling behind and feel I should introduce some Standards.

Dr Karl Kruszelnicki: how to fold a piece of paper in half 12 times.

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