Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Raging at the Moulin Beige

Brisbane is full of fantastic nights out – provided you know they're happening. Moulin Beige was one such fantastic night out, but more than enough people knew about it to fill the tiny Joynt in South Brisbane on Thursday night.

B's review

Moulin Beige is a semi-regular fund-raising night to get members of deBASE Productions – one of Brisbane's longest running independent theatre companies – to the Edinborough Fringe Festival.

Moulin Beige was a glorious mess of a night full of musical comedy. The three members of deBASE were joined by local comedians and emerging artists, all supported by a very enthusiastic and friendly crowd.

The night was MC'd by deBASE's Liz Skitch who kicked the night off with her signature accordion-backed comedy. The accordion's comedic value is greatly undervalued. Everything is funnier accompanied by an accordion. I'd seen Liz's one-women show 'Skitchtease' last year and thought it was hilarious, not least because Liz performs the show completely naked with only her accordion protecting her modesty.

Highlights were deBASE's flood / insurance musical and Leon Cain's beautiful but ultimately tragic pas de deux interpretation of 'Time of my life' with a blow-up doll.

Moulin Beige is a great night out. The entertainment was brilliant, the crowd friendly and the cider delicious.

Jane's Review

I definitely agree with B about the cider - that stuff was good. Mercury brand, if anyone's interested. The Joynt does excellent chips, too.

I also agree that the blow-up doll routine was a highlight. I enjoyed the other acts too, especially Fiona McGary's stand-up, and Bridget Boyle's impersonation of Julia Gillard (she nailed the accent even while singing, it was pretty amazing). Another performer whose name I totally can't remember did great comedic songs, including an improvised love song for two members of the audience that rhymed 'Lucinda' with 'Corinda' - genius!

The Joynt itself is one of my favourite random pubs. During the performance, I was sitting by a window onto Montague Road, and people, including waiters, kept passing drinks and food through the window for me to pass to the rest of the crowd. Then there was the dude who'd been listening from outside and decided he was into it, so he handed me his rum and coke and climbed through the window to join in. Nice.

But yes, good times all around.

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