Monday, 6 May 2013

My new obsession: Wunderlist

Do any of you use Wunderlist? If you don't, you should, and if you do then why haven't you got me on to it before? Do you not know me at all?
Wunderlist is a free online list-making application. You create lists, then each lists has sub lists and those sub list items can have lists in them as well. You can set reminders and make notes, add images and I believe websites if you want. I've only had this app on my phone for three days so I haven't fully explored it but I am already a little co-dependent.
I am a compulsive list maker. I have lists for things to do today, this week, this month, shopping lists, life goal lists, places I want to visit lists. I am in an almost constant state of list-writing. Sound obsessive? Maybe. Or perhaps I just like to feel organised. Wunderlist allows me to easily keep and update all of my lists without needing to always be re-writing.
No screen shots of my own account because I don't need you all seeing the compulsive mess inside my head.
As it turns out, my latest discovery could not have come at a better time. I and my shiny new plus one have just started planning a big overseas trip for the end of the year and I am using Wunderlist to keep track of all of the important and minor details you think of when planning adventures. I can keep lists of places to visit and things to see, the details of bookings we've made, also lists of medications that we'll need to take and what I want to pack. All in one simple, easy to access and update place.

It's brilliant.
The only prob I've had is that when I open my lists through the website rather than my phone, it can be a little slow on syncing. But the website is better for seeing the bigger picture of your plans.

If you're a list-maker or making big plans for travel or other big changes, I would heartily recommend Wunderlist. It's free, flexible and easy to use. Just a really nice and well-thought-out application.


  1. Sounds like this compulsive list maker will have to look into it :).

  2. I think it will be just the thing you've always wanted on your phone. It has such good, simple functionality for moving, deleting, editing, setting reminders and tasks, everything. I am a little addicted and am kind of running the rest of my year out of it at the moment.


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