Tuesday, 6 December 2011

When bad movies get good reviews

I would like to start this blog entry with a sweeping statement:

I have never read any of the Twilight series but I think they’re crap.

Said it.

In order to not be completely out of the loop on this butt-of-pop-culture-mockery, I have instead read Mark Reads’ excellent assessment of each book, and have enjoyed his passionate abuse as much as I have been horrified by the occasional passages he cites from the books themselves.

I therefore very much enjoyed this review of the just released / upcoming / I don’t care, whatever installment of the Twilight movie saga. I particularly liked:

“Thus begins a montage of Bella trying to seduce Edward, which is problematic because (Kristen) Stewart has all the sex appeal of a damp carrot.” - Paul Verhoeven


"Would it help if I got a spray tan?"

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