Wednesday, 14 December 2011

I’m SIRI-proof

According to Wikipedia, Siri is an intelligent software assistant. Originally intended for all Blackberry and Android-powered phones, Apple purchased the software and so that was it for all other users. Non-Apple phones / computers / devices have their own equivalent but I’m going to call them all Siri today, for the purposes of simplification.

My Boss has Siri on her beautiful new phone and she loves it. It works so well and it’s fun and it’s just better. Right up until the time she asked it to call me.

My full name is Birgit. You might have met a Birgit before but that’s pretty unlikely. We’re a very rare breed of people, and the oh-so-advanced software that is Siri can’t cope with my name. The closest it could get to the request ‘Call Birgit’ was ‘Call teargard’. Not useful or even logical. It could cope with more common names, just nothing out of the ordinary.

Techies have been working on this software for years, it is presumably available to Apple customers in Scandinavia where the name Birgit originates. Do they have the same problem?

How hard can it be?

So if you want to call Jane, you can use your Siri. If you want to call me I’m afraid you’re just going to have to scroll through your electronic contacts list like ordinary people.

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