Friday, 15 July 2011

Adding to the list…

The original ‘purpose’ of this blog was as inducement for Jane and myself to read all the un-read books on our bookshelves. While Jane is actually managing to do this, I am…kind of…failing. I’ve read 2 books on my list so far and it’s been 3 months. I’ve started another 3 but that doesn’t count for much.

Now I’ve decided to really stuff myself up – bookshelf-wise – and re-read the Harry Potter series from start to finish. This is inspired by watching the 8th Harry Potter movie over the weekend. See review here.

I’ve re-read parts of the series on and off over the years. Particularly book 7, because I’m reading the German version and it makes me want to read the events in a language I can understand. Yet I doubt I’ve sat down and read any of the books cover to cover since my first reading so many years ago. With Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, that’s totally a deliberate choice because in that book Harry just…shits me. He’s really an annoying little bugger who needs and good punch in the face. Plus, that book needs a good editor to take a good slash at it and cut it in half. All the others I can’t wait to re-read! I suspect sitting down again and really working through them I’ll notice all those signaling moments and events and have lots of ‘AH-HA!’ realisations. Bookshelf project – stalled. Harry Potter re-reading project – begun.

Image courtesy of I Love Charts tumblr.

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