Friday, 6 January 2012

When I get my foodie on

I had a magical start to my Friday. We were having a bring-a-plate morning tea at work to say goodbye to a colleague. I hadn’t baked so I needed to buy. The patisserie below my apartment is still shut for holidays, as was the German bakery. Feeling a little pushed for time and ideas, I headed to a local Brumby’s, something I would never normally consider. Parking opposite Brumby’s I was right in front of a fruit store / delicatessen so I headed in to see if they had biscuits or something similar I could buy, in the way many fruit stores now stock a little bit of everything. To my delighted astonishment, inside was a little slice of foodie heaven. There was a full fridge devoted to fruity-smelling cheeses, an equally mouth watering exotic ham and meats selection. Homemade pies, lasagnes, cakes and biscuits. Gourmet ice-cream, sauces, preserves, oils, dips, stock. Everything my little recipe-loving, home-chef, delicacy-delighting heart could desire. There was even fruit and vegetables.

But the biggest surprise? Kangaroo, Emu and Crocodile pate. I did even know that existed! I want to try it as soon as possible.

So it got me thinking. Where are the places in Brisbane I go to when I want to get the tasty nosh? Those odd little extras you see in the best recipe books? I have a few, they’re certainly not the only places or necessarily the best but they’re some of the shops I frequent. Where do you go?

I want it ALL!

Superior Fruit and Wendy’s Kitchen

Near the corner of Bank Road and Honour Avenue, Graceville.

Pennisi Cuisine

Mediterranean Wholesalers in Balaclava Street, Wooloongabba. Brilliant for cheese, chorizo, spices and random Italian, German, Hungarian etc. products. I also go to an Indian wholesalers on the same street. Delicious quick cook breads and of courses spices.


1/337 Sandgate Road Albion

Do yourself a favour, go, get some bread buy the bagels and savour the delights.

Yuen’s Marketing Trading Company

155 Wickham Street, Fortitude Valley

There are so many good places to eat, drink and shop in the Valley. Yuen’s is just my favourite of the Asian supermarkets. It has such a good range covering many countries, so if you’re looking for a particular sauce to finish off your Chinese, Indonesian or Japanese dish, you’re set.

A good butcher

I tend to go to local butchers in my area and form a bit of a relationship with the guys behind the counter. I’ve yet to meet a surly butcher, they’re always happy and chatty and so accommodating. There is a good butcher in the Kenmore Tavern shopping complex Boutique Meats – they have a good range of fancy meats and delicious extras, plus they have scrumptious pies – also Milton Fine Meats in the Baroona Road shops. Great guys, good quality meat. There are two good places in New Farm, Petersons Quality Meats cnr of James and Kent streets has great meat and a good selection of game. Same can be said for Rayners Meats at 882 Brunswick Street.


  1. I got kangaroo, crocodile and emu pate for Christmas! I am not kidding. And I've been wanting to check out that bagel place in Albion for ages although I hear La Vosh does good ones too. I've been missing them since NY! Says the person allergic to bread...

  2. A proper bagel isn't just bread. It's a whole meal. When they're a little heavy and a little chewy, with lashing of cream cheese ... how could anyone resist?


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