Sunday, 1 January 2012

New Year resolutions: the 2012 edition

Photo courtesy of moshpitson.

I think the problem with most 'resolutions' is that people set themselves challenges or targets they cannot possible hope to achieve. They plan to go to the gym every day, loose 15kgs, sew a new dress a week; start with mad enthusiasm in January but in the long term, simply cannot balance out the demands of their 'resolutions' with the demands of their daily lives.

The best resolution I ever made was to learn to like the foods I didn't like. What makes this resolution good is that it requires progresive year-long dedication and minimal effort, making it relatively easy to keep. Don't like olives? Be sure to order pizzas with olives until you like the flavour. Simple. It worked a treat and with the exception of capsicum, I succeeded in changing my taste buds by years' end.

For the last few years I haven't made resolutions so much as goals for the year. They're less specific than resolutions and are more of a guide for positive personal change. For instance, last year I wanted to do at least 2 hours of exercise a week and have at least 3 alcohol free days a week. This year I have the same goals and also some projects that I want to do, complete with plans and time lines. Oh yeah, organisation.

So the back pages of my diary look something like this:


  • Improve my German language skills.
  • Re-learn how to sew and have made at least one dress by the end of the year.
  • Finish off my Vietnam diary, complete with photos.
  • Undertake a selection of DIY projects.
  • Forward plan my life for 2013-2014.


  • At least 2 hours proper exercise per week and get fit.
  • At least 3 alcohol-free days a week.
  • Save money. I do have a specific amount, I just ain't putting it here.
  • Keep a written and financial diary every day.
  • Keep at least some of my herbs alive for the whole year.
  • Consider doing a detox of some sort. (Clearly I can't commit to this just yet)

This is quite a lot to do, so I have made a New Years Resolution:

Be more proactive!

A Pair and a Spare have an awesome blog post about making and keeping new years resolutions.


  1. All very sensible goals. I look forward to seeing some of your sewing projects too :). I posted my drawstring bag creation from last night on my blog.

  2. I saw that, very nice. Trouble is I keep thinking of new goals and projects. The other list in my diary is so much longer than this one! For instance, I want to actually finish all the unread books on my shelves!


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