Friday, 4 May 2012

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2012

This 5 day festival of Australian fashion ends today – so I may be re-blogging any updates over the weekend. Held in Sydney, hosted by Mercedes Benz and all over twitter – provided you follow the right people. In fact, you can check out what people are saying about the festival on twitter.

I intended to really look through all the runway photos but my internet is so depressingly slow, it forces me to compromise. Needless to say I loved every look at Alice McCall. Images courtesy of Stylehunter.

I gave my internet a heart attack trying to load Zimmerman - courtesy of Harpers Bazaar Australia.


Twitter was going nuts for the 'Marvel Comics influence' beind the opening salvo from Romance Was Born. Photos from Vogue and Marie Claire.

AJE, thanks to Vogue.

I didn't think models were supposed to smile?  At Kooey.

Jayson Brunsdon's Boudoir Chic, from Vogue Australia.

Local designer Gail Sorronda. Love the colours, hate the shoes.

Lace at Collette Dinnigan.

And I fell a little in love with the entire Lisa Ho collection as well.


Check out the official MBFWA website, or to be honest I find Vogue, Harpers and Marie Claire a bit more up-to-date, though when the photo galleries get uploaded to the official site they're great! 

You can also appreciate a bit of street style thanks to Vogue and well-known street photographer Candice Lake, or else are hosting street style snapped by Tommy Ton and they've titled it 'Down Under Divas'.

 Photo taken by Candice Lake for Vogue Australia.

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