Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Mid-week silliness: the birthday scenario game

It’s so simple – match up your birth months and day to see what your ‘scenario’ would be. I feel like February kind of lucks out with the action ‘married to’. August has ‘sword fight with’! So much more scope for the imagination. 


So for my birthday – 11 February – I would be married to Pacman. That’s terrifying! He’s hungry ALL THE TIME! I’d be making pies constantly. Plus, that would make me Mrs Pacman! Though I suppose that might be the one saving grace – I get to be a video game character.

I also don't imagine Pacman as a great conversationalist. I think it really stops at 'nom nom nom'.

It could be worse. I could have ended up married to Voldemort, Sarah Palin or *shudder* Justin Bieber.  I think the only people on that list that I would want to be married to are Harry Potter and my best friend.

What's your scenario?


  1. I end up married to Voldemort! life fail!

  2. Bubala! That's awful! One of the few that is worse than Pacman. Voldemort doesn't even eat, I don't think. I can't imagine him eating.

  3. I want to cry a little - I'm best friends with a Teletubby :p.

    1. Be besties with Po. The others are just wierd.


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