Thursday, 24 May 2012

Truth or Dare Mountain

I spotted this on a cool friends’ twitter feed and I think it is such a fun idea. Truth or Dare Mountain.

Three girls in London are trying to raise money as part of their participation in the Three Peaks Challenge  for Global Grassroots: conscious social change for women. But they’re going about it in an off-centre way. You the punter / giver dare one of them to do an act – strictly PG of course – or tell a truth. They will do perform the dare, tell the truth and film or photograph it and publish it online. In return, you have promised to donate a certain amount of money to Global Grassroots.
It’s so simple and fun! If I was any better at truth or dare I would participate but I can never think of any suggestions for that game. I’m equally bad at ‘I Never’ but I’m pretty sure you can’t play that game for charity. 
Some of the dares to far are skipping the length of a public space, cracking a raw egg over your head and bathing in a bath of cornflakes. Ew.

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