Wednesday, 3 August 2011

I watched Labyrinth the other night!

David Bowie's pants are, as ever, completely amazing. In a terrifying way.

Seriously, this movie. I saw it for the first time when I was 10 or 12, and I desperately wanted the princess-dress the main character gets to wear. I also didn't understand why she turns the Goblin King down at the end. Who wouldn't want to live in a magical kingdom where you presumably get to dress like an 80s cross between a RenFaire addict and a glamour model, and everyone breaks out into saxophone-riddled musical numbers at any available opportunity?

Now that I'm older, I appreciate it slightly differently; Jennifer Connelly was only 14 when the movie was filmed, so watching a 39-year-old David Bowie confessing his undying love to her adds a whole extra layer to the whole thing...

Whatever, though. The movie's still rad, and my DVD has an absolutely amazing "Behind the Scenes" thing about all the sets and puppets that's almost as intriguing as the film itself!

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