Friday, 24 August 2012

Friday afternoon drinks in Brisbane

I’m a fan of the after-work drink. I like to get together with friends over a glass of wine or a half-pint of cider, whinge about the work week, glory in the coming weekend and generally unwind. 

The difficulty I always run into for these post-daily grind sessions is where to go?

Obviously it depends on your anticipated numbers – two people can fit into Super Whatnot just fine, 4 to 6 can squeeze into Laneway, but where to go if your 8? Or more?

For a few months now, a friend and I have arranged for drinks at French Martini – good wine, charming French waiters, street traffic and plenty of eating options nearby. It’s a great Friday-afternoon spot. Unfortunately, being in Southbank, it can be rather a destination for some people. The same with Archive, which can be just too far out of the CBD for people to tag along. 

I have a few criteria for my after-work drinks. Not too expensive, not too crowded, not too drunken. That cuts out a surprising number of bars, particularly in the CBD and particularly if you can’t get in early to nab a space but have to fight with all the other shmucks who don’t make it onto the streets until 5pm.

So we’re taking a break from Bordeaux and Champagne at French Martini and trying The Port Office. A fortnight ago we were there for a drink and got free cider, so we’re hoping for a repeat. 

Any recommendations for where to go for after work drinks on a Friday?

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