Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Movie review: The Bourne Legacy

I can’t honestly review this movie because I’m not enough of a fan. I like the series, I had this huge urge to re-watch it from the start a couple of weeks, but if I try to review the movie I’m just going to get something wrong. 

So, fourth movie in the series, first one minus Matt Damon as Jason Bourne. That didn’t bother me in the slightest because I have a screen-crush on Jeremy Renner so I enjoyed every minute he was on screen. 

The movie is utterly predictable and like every other action film, particularly the previous Bourne movies. Nothing is new, nothing is experimental. Which isn’t to say it isn’t highly enjoyable as an action flick. Good fight scenes, tough guys, CIA fuck-ups and conspiracies abound. 

This movie feels like a stepping stone of a film. The studio wants to continue the franchise, Matt Damon didn’t want to make any more, so they needed to find a way to continue. This is a stepping stone film to give them an excuse to keep creating Bourne movies and eek out this block-buster franchise. 

One thing I would say is that if like me, it’s been a while since you’ve indulged in the Bourne movies, try and re-watch or remind yourself of the previous three before going to see this one. There was a lot of reference to previous ‘program’ plot lines and I got a bit lost in it all. If I’d known what the CIA/agency people were talking about I might have enjoyed ‘the plot’ a bit more. 

So yeah The Bourne Legacy – go see it for a mindless action film night out. Buy a drink to take into the movie with you, it’s a long film.


  1. Renner is no Matt Damon, but he brings a certain type of edge to Aaron Cross that makes him different from Jason Bourne. Not saying that it’s a good thing or bad thing, just a very good idea that Gilroy uses here and it helps the film out in the long-run. Good review B.

  2. Thanks for your comments!

    I think maybe what gave Jeremy Remmer a bit of an edge was that he had a sort of earthiness? I do like that he is so different from Jason Bourne. Like how Daniel Craig was very different from previous Bonds. I think in both cases the fresh actor 'revived' the series.


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