Friday, 17 August 2012

Five for Friday no. 32

Ok, going for a bit of an Olympic theme today.

Best Olympic Closing Ceremony wrap-up ever. Enjoy all the moments and then laugh it up big at no.25. The best of the lot!

And because I can't let it go: the 33 best gifs of the London Olympics.

What if every sport were photographed like beach volleyball. This may be a series of ... interesting ... photographs, but it does, in a strange way, make a valid point. Why is this one sport so objectified?

Rhythmic Gymnastics is my favourite Olympic sport but it is barely shown in Australia. So here are some videos for the uninitiated.

This is the promo video for the Group All Round Final - just to give you a taste.

This is the full reply of the All round group qualification final (long video but Stunning!)

The gold medal-winning individual performance by Russia's Evgenia Kanaeva.

And, finally, the other glamour sport of the Olympics: synchronised swimming.

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