Sunday, 26 August 2012

Pastry, hot or continental?

I love breakfast. I love second breakfast even more. For the uninitiated, that’s the breakfast you have when you got out of bed, had a light breakfast, did some jobs, maybe went back to bed for a while, then got up and had breakfast all over again. BUT – and this is important – still at a totally normal breakfast hour. Otherwise it’s just a strange morning tea or brunch.

Like a lot of people, my average breakfast is totally-standard, easy to make, easy to eat before I got to work every morning.

However, in a more time-and-money rich world I would start every morning with a bit more of a pick me up then organic museli. I suspect many people are the same – we enjoy a bit of a special breakfast away from our toast and vegemite. Think of how much everyone loves brunch! But what would be your breakfast of choice?

What is your favourite breakfast type? Pastry, hot or continental?

I love a big proper continental breakfast. They’re the sort my family would have every single weekend morning as I was growing up and it was a chance for us all to sit down and eat lazily together before going to various sporting fixtures, visits to grandparents, grocery shopping etc. It’s a lovely, drawn-out way to enjoy the start of the day.

Hot breakfasts are perfect on the right day but can be very heavy. A full plate of pancakes and bacon may make me belly-happy but it also tends to send me to sleep. I worked in a coffee shop in London for 6 months and there were regularly who came in and had a full fry up every single morning. I don’t know how they or their arteries coped with such a slog of food at 8am.

If I had to choose a breakfast-type to have every day, I would choose pastry. Even more than continental breakfasts I love a day that starts with a pretzel. Or a truly delicious (sweet) muffin. Even this morning, having realised I’d run out of organic yoghurt for my organic muesli, I went and got a Danish pastry. It really set me up for the day.

Are you a big breakfast eater? If you could choose a type of breakfast to have every day, what would it be? Crispy bacon, hash browns and mushrooms? Muffins, brioche and butter? Or Rolls, salami, cheese and fruit?

 One of the best breakfasts I've ever had - a 'Turkish' breakfast at a Turkish cafe in Wein.

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