Thursday, 31 January 2013

A wet and windy day of celebration

In a brilliant flash of fore-thought, some of my friends booked an apartment up in Caloundra for the Australia Day long weekend and invited all comers to drive up and enjoy sun, surf, BBQ and beer. It would be a glorious day that would celebrate what we we love about Australia.
However, as we all know, the day was cold, gloomy, rain-lashed and flood-ridden. It was awful. This particularly irritated me as I and my housemate were playing host to British guest who was celebrating his first Australia Day and I wanted it to be glorious and scream AUSTRALIA. Not be borderline Scarborough.

Nevertheless, we headed up the coast in the lashing rain and proceeded to have a pretty classic Australia Day. The only thing that was missing was the sunshine.

My friend Kiki (who just launched a new blog) decorating the Pavlova nice and early, before too much beer was consumed.

Kitsch Australiana: green and gold macarons, enormous glasses and decorative flags.

Applying temporary tattoos. Because on some days, you can leave the class behind.


If it had been a sunny day, the view would have been spectacular! But the windsurfers were the only ones out enjoying the weather. 

Lamingtons two ways; coloured green and gold and lamington cake pops!
 Cruise ships passing in the night.

  Evening card games.

 The finale for the day: lamingtons, pavlova and 'iced vo-vo cake'. Delicious indulgence!


  1. Thanks for the plug B!! I like all your photos from Oz day - they turned out way better than mine!!

  2. They weren't very good and I didn't take enough. But I can't wait to see our principal photographer's shots, I think there will be some great and some terrible ones in there.

    And cross-plugging is always encouraged.

  3. I recently spent a weekend in Caloundra. i made it out before the storms hit. I had never been there before. What have I been doing? Are you located in Scarborough too? What a small world :) Rachel x


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