Friday, 25 January 2013

Five In Five

Would you go on a date with someone for charity? Not because they haven't had a date in so long, but for a bona fide not-for-profit cause?

Five in Five challenges single people to go on five dates in five weeks and raise funds for charities that work to break the cycle of social disadvantage. It runs from 2 February - 8 March 2013. Five Saturday nights, if you're a Saturday-night-date kind of person.

Looking for people online is strictly out. This is about good old-fashioned see someone and want to see them again dating. Five in Five encourages you to ask out people you meet in the everyday – your cute barista, that guy who catches your bus, or perhaps someone you already know but have never had the guts to ask out for a drink.

If you register for Five In Five, you will be sent a bundle of information about the project, who to find your dates and importantly, how to raise funds. Friends and family can support you on your dates (presumably in exchange for the juicy details) and all the money you raise goes to charities that work to break the cycle of social disadvantage. Helping those people in need in your own community – where you also found your dates.

This is a sweet and fun way to make a grass-roots difference. You make a difference to yourself by accepting this challenge, because it takes courage to ask someone on a date, and the money you raise gives others a helping hand as well.

And if you do have someone in mind that you’ve been dying to ask out, what could be a better reason for the big ask than ‘It’s for charity’. 

Find out all about Five In Five on their website, follow them on twitter and see if you know anyone who is taking part.  

Images sourced from the Five In Five website.

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