Thursday, 22 March 2012

10 things kids of today will never experience

An age ago I found this listing on So Bad So Good: 10 things the kids of today will never experience and to be truthful, it got me all misty-eyed and reminiscent.

The ten things are:
  1. Making mix tapes for your friends.
    Or your boyfriend / girlfriend. I remember the last two mixed tapes I was ever given. The penultimate one was when I got my driving licence and a friends with super-excellent taste made me a tape of songs to play while driving. The last and final time I ever received a mixed tape was when I started dating this awesome guy and he couldn't believe I only had a tape deck in my car. So he made me a super-excellent mixed tape. I still have them both.
  2. Not actually knowing who is calling.
    For extra reminiscent points, I would change this to having to call someone's home number to speak to them. Remember before we had mobile phones and you had to call a person's house if you wanted to talk? You hoped that they would answer to avoid embarrassing parent conversation but that never happened. Worse was when you h

    ad to call someone you liked, you were calling a strange house and it was terrifying. My high-school boyfriend was a border at school and calling a boarding house main-line is beyond scary. Kids these days have it easy. You call a mobile,you know who is going to answer!

  3. Flip phones.

    I remember when the slide phone in The Matrix was so cool. I got my first flip phone years after they came out but I was still excited. It was so much fun! Pretty much can't get them now.

  4. Actually needing a watch.
    Before mobiles made us their slaves, we had all these different devises for different purposes. One was a watch. I still have a watch because I love watches, I always have worn a watch and I always will wear a watch. Plus, there are times when it's just too damn rude or obvious to check the time on your phone. Much easy to glance at a wrist.
  5. Taking cool polaroid photos.
    This was a bit pre-my time actually. I was thrilled when I was given a polaroid camera for my birthday one year. So funky and retro! But that was back when normal people could afford to buy the film. If I could afford it, I would go polaroid-crazy.
  6. Getting up to change the TV channel.
    Yeah, I never did this.
  7. The sound of dial-up.
    Ah, that magical mechanical sound that meant your computer was attempting to connect you to 'the internet'. I almost don't recognise it now when I hear it. It reminds me of late primary school when 'the internet' first arrived in our house. Patiently waiting the couple of minutes it took to connect properly and get a strong signal. And then someone would call the homeline because we didn't have mobiles back then and you got kicked of and had to start al over again! Grrr...
  8. Cool and unsafe toys.
    I'm a bit stumped here because I'm not on to what has been deemed 'unsafe' in the last few years. Can you still play with cap guns? Can you still jump on trampolines? Can you still play with toys that have small parts you can swallow? Or are kids not allowed to have fun anymore?
  9. MTV – when they actually played music.
    Yeah, we didn't have MTV at home. But when I've overseas and I find the MTV channel, it never has music on it. What's with that?!?
  10. Amazing cartoons.
    Oh my god. I could go on forever. Weekend cartoons now a days make me despair. They all look the same! Or that dodgy 3D rubbish. Or just … awful! The Flintstones, Ducktails, Captain Planet, Babar, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Samurai Pizza Cats, Super Ted, I could go on. Cartoons were SO much better when I was young.


  1. Awesome post. I used to love that weird show on abc called T-Bag and shows like You Can't Do that on Television, Sooty, Sweet and Sue and The Rascals. I'm not sure about you but we always had the really telephones too, where you had to put your finger in the number hole and dial all the way round for that number. Ah those were the days...I do sound old.

    1. Awww, I loved so many of those shows too! We had proper literal dial-up telephones as well. I am ashamed to say that once, after not using one for years, I actually had to think for a second to rememberhow to use one... so ashamed.


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