Friday, 23 March 2012

Five for Friday no.11

For anyone else who sees photos beautiful, eclectic but well-thought out interiors and thinks to themselves: I want that, but I will never have it because I have neither the time nor money to achieve it, you will enjoy this tumblr.

Our state election is tomorrow – finally! - so here is a little interactive map of the great state of Qld with sitting state members, their affiliation and margin.

Bensimon canvas shoes. I spotted through Cup of Jo and if I didn't already have an unhappy credit card, I would buy some. Shall put it off until summer because they look perfect for hot summer days.

Ok, this one is a little random but adorable. Online luxury shopping destination Luisa Via Roma has teamed up with UNICEF to raise money in a campaign called "Pug dogs for Happy Kids". Twenty-one top fashion designers have 'dressed' a toy pug in the style of heir fashion house and the dogs are being sold on ebay to raise money. This is Viktor and Rolf's offering:

I've loved the idea of glitter eyeshadow ever since I first saw Audrey Hepburn in How to Steal a Million (One of my favourite movies. Never seen it? You must. This weekend!). In a scene with the delectable Peter O'Toole, she was in black lace Givency with a veil like an eye mask covering half her face and when she looked down, her eyelids sparked with silver glitter then disappeared again in a moment.
Unfortunately, when I googled 'glitter eye make up',well, it was not so pretty. With the exception of the incomparable Ms Hepburn.
So here is a photo montage of beautiful glitter eye make up.

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