Saturday, 3 March 2012

The scarf challenge: explanation

Last weekend I culled my wardrobe. I think I did ok, could have been more severe on myself etc. but ok. Where I failed was in the accessories. I should have got rid of more shoes and I should have looked through my bulging scarf drawer and been more critical.

I love scarves. I love the drama and the elegance of scarves. I personal have quite a collection of them. Some of them hand-me-downs, some of them purchased by me from vintage shops around the world. No one wears them anyone, even myself, a scarf-lover wears them but rarely. I am determined to change that.

I have decided to set myself a challenge. For one week Sunday through Monday I will wear a scarf every time I leave the house. I particularly chose this week because I'm going out 5 nights out of 7 so it's an extra challenge. I go to work, I go to movies, I go dinner – there must be a scarf somewhere in my outfit. I want to see how many of my scarves I find are wearable and also to get myself into the habit of reaching for a little silken square to set off my outfit.

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