Tuesday, 6 March 2012

The scarf challenge, day 1 and 2

Day one: Sunday afternoon birthday party at a friends’ house.

I was having a rare great hair day so I capitalised on this and spent a good 10 minutes arranging my hair with a scarf in a way that I hope didn’t look too foolish. No one told me I looked foolish, so I guess that’s a good sign.

70s-ish acetate scarf from my Grandma.

For Monday I had a full outfit plan, including scarf. Of course when I woke on Monday morning and it was pissing with rain, I had to change my plans because there was no way I was letting my chosen 100% silk scarf outside.

I had some serious outfit issues this morning so I’m afraid to say that I totally piked and took the easy way out.

Scarf on bag at Piaf for lunch.

Monday night at the Brolly Follies: another scarf-bag, but a little different. Note: I recommend only tying up your bag with a pretty scarf bow if you’re not planning on checking your phone / needing your wallet a whole lot throughout the evening. This is not the most practical way to wear a scarf.

In the Judith Wright Centre at interval.

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