Friday, 9 March 2012

Scarf challenge - Thursday and Friday

Scarf day 5.

Another never-before-worn scarf. My parents brought this back for me from Syria. They visited the country some 2 years ago in a break between civil disturbances. Its huge and has the craziest mix of colours - brown, navy, black and then the vibrant aqua green you see so prominently. Jazzing up a very lazy Thursday outfit.

Scarf day 6, otherwise known as Friday.

Photo taken with Retro Camera - the only fancy photo ap on my phone. This is one of my absolute favourite scarves. Gifted from my Mum because she never wears it any more. It's Jane Shilton, though that doesn't mean a lot to me, and it goes with everything. It even works as a cummerbund!

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