Friday, 9 March 2012

Five for Friday no. 10

The story behind the Keep Calm and Carry On poster. See Jane's blog tribute to the iconic posters.

Your Scene Sucks - be prepared to be mocked.

Brisbane Threads: a Brisbane-centric fashion blog. There really aren't that many of these so check it out!

A tumblr of fashions from Betty and Veronica, of Archie comic fame. Um, hell yes!

I love both of these outfits!

Josephine Baker was a legendary nightclub dancer in 1920s Paris. Her wild and erotic dancing made her an instant success on the stage but she went on to have a hugely successful career in America and her adopted home of France, even receiving military honours for her work with the French Resistance during World War 2. You may recognise this very famous image:

Well, here is some original footage of Josephine and her 'banana dance'.

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