Friday, 24 February 2012

Five for Friday no. 8

Stella McCartney wowed in every way at London fashion week. She show was in fact a party and it was apparently a party that will go down in quiet legend. I wish I'd been there. Or else you could just look at the collection.

A new Tumblr: graphic designer Matt Roeser reads a book then re-designed the cover. I particularly like his versions of Jasper Fforde's novels Shades of Grey and The Eyre Affair and I am a big Jasper Fforde fan. LinkThere is a part of me that wishes I were ever fabulous enough to have a bag named after me. However, this is not high on my list of life dreams, and a good thing too 'cause it ain't happening any time soon. In the mean time, Mulberry have created a new named bag the Del-Ray and I kind of love it.

Scrumptious Reads blog. I love a good food blog and this one makes me drool.

It's Leek season! What? No one else is excited by that?


  1. They go so well with so many things! Pork in particular ... so good!


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