Monday, 20 February 2012

A day out at the cricket

Yesterday was a certain Music Blogger’s birthday and to celebrate a group of us went to the cricket. The one day international series arrived in Brisbane with Australia vs. India, and I think there are a few more matches coming up … India vs. Sri Lanka I think … ? Sports fan me. 
I come from a completely non-sporty family. With the exception of the Tour de France, we neither watch nor attend sports together. So any interest I have developed in sports has happened purely be accident or outside influence and it is through the influence of a series of cricket-mad boyfriends that I have developed an interest in the great game. So I am a bit Aussie after all.
We started the day at the German Club to stock up on decent beer and schnitzel before squeezing into the Gabba for first ball at 1:20.
It wasn’t an amazing game of cricket but it was still a great day. We brought in our lolly bags, hot cross buns and bottles of water then filled any belly-holes with bad beer and yellowy hot chips.

The crowd builds up and the costumes start arriving. Even more impressive then the invisibility of Wallys was the whole section of Fred and Wilma Flintstones.

Australia opens.

The heat in our lower level seats was intense and even with sleeves, hats and sunscreen we needed to take breaks every now and again and hide away in the shade. At about 2:30 I couldn’t take it any longer and along with 2 other girls ducked over the road to Canvas for a icy cold cocktail and a rest in the air-conditioning.
I’d only been to Canvas once before but had had a delicious glass of wine and one of the best mojitos I’d ever tasted. This time on the recommendation of the bartender I got a Great Escape and it was delicious. So cold frost formed on the outside of the glass, fresh, light and just what I needed.

A Cumberland Bay and a Great Escape.

The crowd flagged a bit around 4pm as Australia wound up their innings and the intense heat of the day took its toll on us spectators. An injection of fresh people for the evening session picked us all up cheer on the Aussie bowlers and fielders as they ploughed through India’s top order batting to finish the game all out for 178 – 110 runs short of Australia's effort.

A lull from the Aussie supporters.

The crowd bakes and copes with the afternoon glare.

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