Friday, 7 September 2012

Food: Spanakopita

On Father's Day, my dad decided we'd all have lunch at his place. Now, he likes to cook, but in addition to salad and lamb and beef kebabs, we went and picked up a slab of pumpkin and leek kopita from Spanakopita at Newstead, just near James Street.

And seriously, it was absolutely delicious.

The slab cost about $30 and would feed 3-4 people. According to Dad, who's apparently been eating breakfast there, you can also get a slice for $8. We also had a sour cherry yoghurt cake, which came with sour cherry sauce, and was incredibly tasty, very tart and sweet.

Spanakopita itself is a spot I wouldn't mind spending some time. It has a minimalist interior with high ceilings, almost like a converted warehouse space, which seems quite unique for a Greek cafe. I didn't get to try the coffee or other cakes, but the baklava and bougatsa in the cabinet looked excellent. (According to this review, they are excellent, so that's good to know.)


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