Friday, 28 September 2012

Launching in Australia soon: Popbasic

I’m going to admit it: I am in awe of local entrepreneur Madeline Veenstra. Tired of her job at Queensland Treasury, she noticed a gap in Wikipedia’s fashion coverage and started up Wikifashion in her spare time until it took off and became a full-time job. She recently re-located Wikifashion from its Brisbane base (how did I now know this?!) to New York.

Now, her latest project is called Popbasic. Popbasic is a fashion subscription service that delivers a fabulous fashion parcel to your doorstep once a month. Subscribers will receive a wardrobe staple, two fashion items and a surprise each month. The cost of the service is between $50 - $100 per month, depending on the season and the contents. Even better, Popbasic ships for free to both the US and Australia! 

The services launches in October and I am seriously considering signing up. Though I do enjoy shopping, I'm feeling a little seduced by the novelty and the intrigue of having someone else steer my fashion choices. 
I also want to support a local entrepreneur, even though she may now be based in New York. I think this is such a cool project, made even cooler by the fact that it came out of Queensland. See the Popbasic website and sign up to receive a $10 gift voucher. 

 Image courtesy of Popbasic website. All rights to Popbasic.

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