Tuesday, 4 September 2012

September project day 1: I cheated

Straight off the bat, day 1, I kind of cheated. At my own project, so maybe it isn't really cheating?

I rarely make it into the city but yesterday morning I was in the CBD from 7:30am for an all-day Masterclass hosted by Art Support. Side note: fantastic Masterclass.

So there was no West End discovery. Instead I went and got a huge steaming soy latte and lazed on the couches while I waited for the Masterclass to start.

Brew is a fantastic underground cafe / bar / little bit of everything. Open at 7am, still open 'late' you can go there anytime and have a great tasting tipple.I've also tasted their cheese platter and ricotta and honey on toast at other times and can recommend both.

Coffee: delicious
Large soy latte: $4.50
Couch: Comfy. Almost too comfy
Monday morning pick-me-up quality: excellent

Brew on Urbanspoon

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