Thursday, 6 September 2012

September project day 4: West End Coffee House

Today my mid-morning coffee run was for three people, so I decided to be serious about this and I actually googled 'best coffee west end'. Yes, I really did that.

The two most common suggestions were Blackstar Coffee - been there done that - and West End Coffee House, so that was my stop.

Inside, West End Coffee House has all the standard small indie cafe accoutrements - old chairs, local artists on the wall, knick knacks and posters. They do, however, play music through an proper record player, which I'm a fan of, and are pretty baby friendly, which is nice.

What really makes this cafe stand out is the coffee. Which is delicious. Seriously good. As in I wish I'd bought a large instead because I just wanted it to keep going. Strong but not overpowering coffee flavour, milk not over worked, temperature just right. The sort of coffee that really sets you up for the day.

Coffee: truly excellent.
Regular soy latte: $3.50, 50c extra for soy milk. ($4.00 total)
Vibe: relaxed and cool, temperature wise. Would be a great cafe to sit in in summer.
Parking: Paid street parking unless you're supremely lucky or don't pay for the 10 minutes you're there.
Cuteness of baby who crawled up to me: pretty damn cute.

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