Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Milan fashion week: RTW 2013

Speaking as someone who know nothing, it seems to me that Milan fashion week is the smallest of the big four. New York, London and Paris are all mega huge. Milan occurs in between and seems to be smaller in every way. Less attended, fewer shows - five or six a day rather than 10 to 15 -and so in my mind, a little quieter. Maybe a little more enjoyable as a fashionista because of that. I shall never know...

However, if you've ever been to Milan you will know that it is an unexciting city that breathes fashion. You walk the streets and it seems everyone is beautifully dressed, groomed and together. The women carry Louis Vuitton bags that they were given decades ago, but these bags are carefully tended to and loved so that many years later, they are still the epitome of personal style. I was acutely aware of this when I arrived in Milan as a backpacker with a good friend, both of us wear jeans and a t-shirt and looking pretty ordinary I have to say. 

Milan is significant because it is here that some of the BIG names show. Gucci, Armani, Prada, Versace are all Italian brands known the world over by people who aren't even interested in fashion, and they show in Italy's fashion hub.

Just like London and New York, Spring RTW equals Colour Colour Colour. Glorious Colour!

Gucci ran with the most incredible fuchias and wonderful retro 70s feel.

Love It! Gucci. Images courtesy of Style.com.

 Alberta Ferretti’s feminine and sea-inspired pieces. Images courtesy of Style.com. 

Emporio Armani. Images courtesy of Style.com 

There is more....

Normally I love everything at Prada, even the crazy. This season I'm less keen.

Moschino. The first look is so reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn in How to Steal a Million (one of my favourite movies of all time). The whole collection was very Mod. Images courtesy of Style.com.

Just Cavalli. Images courtesy of Style.com.

 Versace. Images courtesy of Style.com.

 Etro. Images courtesy of Style.com.

Love everything at Fendi! Images courtesy of Style.com.

 Jil Sandler minimalism. Images courtesy of Style.com.

Emilio Pucci. Images courtesy of Style.com.

Adored everything at Giorgio Armani. Images courtesy of Style.com

 Salvatore Ferragamo. Images courtesy of Style.com

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