Wednesday, 5 September 2012

September project day 3: I accidentally have too much coffee

Within walking distance of my work is a charming and charmingly simple cafe named Alberto's Shot. It's where most of us go for our lattes and cappuccinos. It's the cafe I go to most frequently being the easiest to get to, having friendly baristas with attitude and above all, pretty good coffee.

This morning I was feeling a bit down so I decided to stop at Alberto's for an espresso to perk me up . However, as there were no other customers at the moment I ordered, the barista gave me two. The other half of the espresso pull.

So I had my two coffee a day limit by 7:54am.

I tried to persuade myself to go out and get another one at 9:30, 10:30, 1:30 but really - I'd had my coffee fill for the day.

So no big experiment today. I will know better for next time.

I'll probably mention Albertos again, as they are my go to morning coffee spot, but for now - just know it's a nice place to go, the lunchtime pasta special is usually delicious and it's the perfect short walk from the West End Ferry.

No photo because that would have been extra weird.

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